Wednesday, July 30, 2008


5 Key Benefits Of Travel Insurance

by Gary Zivkovich

The travel insurance is most essential for the business travelers group as well as normal citizens.

The insurance company as well as travel agencies also provides the coverage while you are on travel for either longer time or for the shorter travel plan. Based on your needs, the insurance company as well as travel agencies provides the better option to the travelers those feet to their needs.

There are various types of benefits offered by the insurance companies or travel agencies.

1. The travel insurance companies offer maximum coverage to the insured person to gives more benefits incase of accident or any types of illness.

2. The travel insurance provider provides deductibles based on your needs. It is based on the types of policy terms.

3. Some travel insurance agencies gives deductibles or co-payment against the some percentage cover under the medical expenses. It is based on the individual companies to decide the term or percentage of co-payment.

4. The travel insurance does not pay if they suspect the misuse of drugs or involvement in the narcotics activities.

5. The insurance company provides the coverage incase of mobilization of ill or injured person based on your needs. The transportation cost will cover under the medical expenses. Same way the insurance company also gives the discharge cost from the hospitals of the insured person.

It is up to you to select the plan based on your needs. It is most important to select the proper plan according to the risk associated with you.

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Monday, July 28, 2008



What is Chikungunya?

Chikungunya fever is a viral disease transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito.

Signs and Symptoms

The incubation period of chikungunya fever is usually 3-7 days. The symptoms are very similar to that of dengue, but unlike dengue, hemorrhagic or shock syndrome does not take place with chikungunya fever.

The infected person may experience the following symptoms:

  • fever
  • chills
  • headache
  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • muscle pain
  • rash
  • joint pain.


There are currently no medications or vaccines for the treatment of chikungunya fever. However lots of rest, a nutritious diet, plenty of fluids and mild pain medications may relieve symptoms of fever and body aches. If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, you are advised to see a doctor immediately.


Tips when travelling:

  • Use insect repellent on exposed skin surfaces when outdoors, especially during the day.
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants when outdoors.
  • Where possible, stay in accommodations that have secure screens on windows or air-conditioning to keep the mosquitoes out.

However if you still develop a fever, see a doctor immediately to test your blood for any signs of the chikungunya virus. If your blood test shows positive signs of the virus, stay indoors to limit mosquito bites in order to avoid further spread of the infection.

At home, the prevention of chikungunya fever is similar to that of dengue fever. Clear any stagnant water in flower vases, flower pots, roof gutters and watering cans to prevent the breeding of its carrier, the Aedes mosquito


Thursday, July 24, 2008


Affiliate Marketing Tips to success

by Jossef S

How to work at home with affiliate programs? And succeed with the best niche affiliate programs. Niche affiliate marketing is the easy, fast way to make money on the internet, and give you the ultimate honest home based business opportunity.

Affiliate marketing is the best opportunity to make money on the internet, at the same time it is the best marketing strategy for any one with a product. Affiliates have the chance to make money fast without developing any products, without investing thousand of dollars on researches and testing; they can look for any product they want to promote. Merchants and companies have the opportunity to market their products with effective pay on sale marketing.

How to succeed with affiliate marketing?

There are three must do, must understand actions:

1) Change your job mentality, affiliate marketing is not -in any way- other job; affiliate marketing is a business. Business need investment of time and money to build, work and improve, you are the BOSS you need to figure out what to do? And how to do it?
In my humble opinion I think this is the major reason why beginners fail to have any kind of success in this field; this with the hundreds of lies and scams out there. They join affiliate programs and money making opportunities thinking they will make money only doing 1-2-3 steps, if it was that easy believe me no company will build affiliate programs "why to give you their money".

2) Knowledge and creativity: you must have answers to where? When? How? And why? Questions. You have to learn almost every thing about your business, what is new what work and develop your own creative and unique strategies. In affiliate marketing you need to be a leader not only success in your own but leading your team each to his success. You will begin as part of the team but you will reach a point to have your own follower team.

3) Patient; you are entering a huge market with thousands of competitors. You are better than most of the successful marketers on the net. I know a lot of them and I know that you are better than most of them. There is always a place for one more, and with niche affiliate marketing there is a place for every one.

It took me more than two years to receive my first check, I lift this business three times and always returned, this is the perfect business for me I have to do what ever it takes to make it work, and you know it pays well.

Affiliate marketing is a good business any one can have, can succeed and get rich with it; it is the only way for guys like you and me to get rich. Affiliate marketing is the only business that every one in it, are equal, no special talents, no special knowledge.
Have you seen the movie "kung-fu panda", did you understand the secret. In affiliate marketing and making money on-line the secret is the same "there is no secret", the only thing you need to have in mined is "If it is to be, it is up to me".

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Friday, July 18, 2008


Free electrical safety tips

by Sir Sparks

One of the most common concerns of our customers is the safety of their electrical installation; almost everyone is understandably wary of something they can neither see, smell nor hear, yet is capable of killing or setting fire in an instant. There are a few basic do it yourself safety rules that will help you reduce the risks, we would like to deal with a few of the more simply detectable ones in this article.

Current National Electrical code, or NEC, requires the use of GFCI protection on receptacles and other equipment in certain wet locations such as bathrooms, swimming pools and yards, These areas are mainly where the presence of water will greatly increase the risk and severity of electrical shock, this GFCI protection will eliminate almost all fatalities and is a critical safety measure. Make sure at least once a month that your device protection works. This is the simple action of pressing a Test button to see if the receptacle or circuit breaker automatically disconnects, if it does it is working correctly, and you can simply reset it.

Another important safety measure is the regular inspection of extension cords, a damaged cord can be a significant risk of both electrical shock and fire, yet a quick visual inspection for cuts or chaffing to the cord will eliminate most of the risk. Never use electrical tape to make temporary repairs, if it is damaged simply throw it away, the extra few dollars spent could easily save your, or a loved ones life.

A common practice in most homes is the use of multiple outlet extension cords; often tucked away behind stereo equipment or TV's, this modern entertainment equipment requires a lot of power which can easily overheat these multiple outlets, even worse they are in a hidden location often with very poor ventilation increasing the risk of fire drastically. Visually check behind the back of your entertainment equipment, if it looks like spaghetti then you need extra receptacles added, both for safety and convenience.

An over zealous electrical do-it-yourselfer is probably one of the greatest risks of all, and yet is possibly the most difficult to detect. Whereas a poor carpentry or other trade job is easily recognized, behind the wall or in attic wiring mistakes often go unnoticed by the homeowner, yet is serious potential fire risk, even worse a fire starting in a location not visible until it's too late.

The only sure way to protect against this last risk is by contacting a professional licensed electrical contractor to check out your wiring, some of these professionals will even make a basic safety check free of charge. Other important yet simple things they should check on are;

Tightness of all terminations in electrical panels. Inspection for signs of overheating in panels. Correct identification of circuits Compliance with National Electrical Code. Correct polarity and grounding of receptacles Correct operation of Arc Fault Devices. Correct Service entrance wiring and grounding.

If you are not the first owner of your home, or it is an older home the risks are much greater. both for deteriorated wiring and previous do-it-yourself work. Even with a new home remember that during our recent housing boom a County/City Electrical Inspector often had a busy schedule, and could only make the briefest of inspections.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


5 tips to help with home recycling

by: David Lynes - Loans4

The issue of recycling has been an important one for some years, but recently, with councils resorting to fortnightly collections in a bid to encourage recycling, this is an issue that has been receiving increased attention across the country. Councils are doing what they can to encourage recycling by providing recycle bins to households to make this task easier, and the government has pledged to increase the number of recycling bins in public areas to also encourage this activity.

We can all do our bit for the environment, help to reduce landfill site waste, and help others by recycling many of the items in our home – not just rubbish but all sorts of items. And once you get the hang of recycling you will find that it is an easy, effective, and useful way to do your bit for the environment.

1. Learn more about what can be recycled. Many people just think about things like cans or bottles when they think about recycling, but you can actually recycle pretty much anything. This includes textiles, rubber, building, materials, carton and cardboard, and more. Before you automatically throw something into to rubbish for collection think carefully about whether you could actually recycle the item in some way.

2. Familiarize yourself with the recycling bins in the area. There are different recycle bins for different things, such as some for bottles and cans, some for textiles, etc. The government has also promised to increase the number of recycling bins in public areas. In the meantime, it is a good idea to try and familiarise yourself with where the bins are in your area so that you know where to go to recycle your items.

3. Make use of the council recycle bin. Local authorities have issued many households with recycle bins now so there is no excuse for not being able to recycle. Make use of this facility and recycle as much as you can – with a bin on your doorstep there is not additional hassle involved and you could really help the environment in the long term.

4. Make sure that you use the right recycle bins for the right products. It can be encouraging to also use the recycle bins in public areas, as this will encourage others to do the same if they see you and others recycling their waste. However, do make sure that you use the recycle bins appropriately and don’t just stick all of your items into one recycle bin, as they are separate depending on the type of product that you are recycling.

5. Save on fuel and emissions. Wherever possible, if you have to drive to take your recycled waste to a public recycle bin area try and drop your recycling whilst on your way somewhere rather than making a special trip. This will save any additional pollution from driving and will save you petrol. Better still, if the recycling area is not far then take a stroll up there!

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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Writing Articles For Affiliate Programs

by: Nick Kaplan

Why write articles

Writing articles can make your affiliate pages unique and drive more traffic from the major search engines, resulting in more sales. In some instances the merchant's affiliate program may not provide you with more than a banner and a few text links.

If your traffic levels are low than this will not do much to drive traffic to your affiliate links. If the merchant does provide you with content then this can be viewed by search engines as duplicate material depending on how many affiliates are promoting the same product with that content.

Beginning Your Article First begin by reading all the information on the merchant's site about the affiliate program, if you are not already familiar with the product.

It is very important that you learn what it is that you are offering to your customers such as,product features,capabilities,limitations and specifications. Many merchants will include these details with the description.

Researching your article Use one of the many free or paid keyword suggestion tools to build your list of niche keywords. Google Adwords, Digitalpoint and CBtrends all have really useful keyword tools which are free. Experimenting will help you discover search trends. Testing these keywords in major search engine will give you a sense market saturation and competition.

Include Keywords In your Article When writing for search engines your article should be keyword rich. Include long tail keyword phrases in your article title and subcategories. Product specific keyword phrases will help drive targeted traffic from search engines to your specific niche.

What to include in your article Creating an outline will help you organize your article and supporting subcategories sequence. Including descriptive keywords such as, size, color and dimensions in your article will further help drive targeted visitors to your site. Helping your visitors solve a problem When promoting affiliate programs through article writing, bring attention to product features that will help your visitors resolve a problem. Use examples and illustrations of how these features can be applied in real life situations.

If your product is easy to use, then bring attention to why you believe it is better than similar products. Ways to emphasize product features Use bullet points, numbering or italics when writing articles to emphasize and bring attention to helpful product features. Free content Articles provide free instant content for ezines,newsletters and website publishers. This free content is used to optimize and attract free search engine traffic.

Submitting to article directories There are countless popular free article directories, where your can submit your article for publication. Arcanaweb publishes a list of many popular directories. These directories allow anyone to reprint the article as long as the resource box is included at the end of the article. Read and follow the guidelines before submitting your articles Do not include affiliate links in your article or resource box.

This may cause your article to be rejected by the directory. Do not plagiarize another writers material. Resource box and backlinks Writing articles can increase the number of one way links or backlinks to your site.

Included at the end of every article is a resource box,where you can include a brief bio and link back to your site. Free article directories Free article directories will allow you submit content but you are not paid for your article. Goarticles,Isnare and Articledashboard are among some of the large high traffic free article repositories. Article distribution and submission services Article distribution services will submit your article for a fee to article directories,ezines,newsletters,article email groups, social bookmarking and article announcement sites.

Article submission software Article submission software such as Artemis Lite and Article Submitter 2.2 are free and may expedite the process once your are registered. You will need to do a manual submission for sites using an access code. Paid article directories These directories will pay you for writing articles or reviews. Compensation may be in the form of revenue share or per word.

Paid to write reviews In addition to getting paid for writing articles, reviews can be another avenue to earn extra income. Review rates can range anywhere from $2.00 to $200.00. Reviewme, Reviewstream, Softwarejudge and Epinions are just a few of the popular paid to review sites that can put extra cash in your pocket.

You can also earn money with your clickbank id at Reviewsarena for up to 60 days. Paid to blog Writing blogs are yet another alternative for earning extra income. Payperpost and Smorty are blog sites that pay weekly and compensation may range anywhere from $5 to $100.

In some cases, you may be able to negotiate a price with the advertiser. In conclusion Do your research before writing an article,use targeted keywords on affiliate product landing pages. Submit to high ranking article directories to increase the number of quality backlinks. Check site stats for increase traffic levels.

Test and improve your writing skills by reading writing tutorials and ebooks. Learn from mistakes and continue writing articles.


Monday, July 7, 2008


Tips For Writing Article to Promote Your Business

By Thanakit K.

Promoting any business through writing articles has become a really powerful and an effective tool, there are many website actually each of the successful websites are planning article writing to promote their business online.

There are certain tips that should be kept in mind once you have decided to write an article to promote your business. These tips are:

1) Don't advertise through them: the articles that you write to generate links and traffic should not be written in a way that they seem to give an impression of being advertisement. People search for articles not advertisements, make them interesting but not marketing or advertisements so that they give information and don't simply market your product.

2) SEO writing is one way that can attract a lot of traffic on your website, this type of writing is simply identifying a keyword that is searched by lot of people and if it relates your theme, or the theme of your business then write an article by the optimum use of such keyword and make the best use of it. This will automatically place your site on a good rank in the search engines thus giving you more hits and generate a good traffic.

3) Readers should get interested in your articles more and more, they are mostly bothered about themselves so giving them the best information and best idea for what they are searching is very important so be sure to give them these required things and guarantee a good response.

4) Articles writing should also be done on a regular basis (Easy to read and Easy to understand). Make your article interesting (It's very important), there are many ways to do it, you can tell a story, and even quotes from famous people that would enhance your article quality and you would be able to utilize the best of the space available.

5) Device a strong theme for your article and stick you it, readers would be more interested in your articles if you use a strong theme. A strong theme attracts attention and this would give you the desired traffic and good customer response too.

6) Set the tone of your article right and also be friendly with the reader it creates lot of customer attention and even awareness. The tone is what set the pulse of an article and would give you the best feed from people and customer response.

7) The best articles are the ones that provide the reader with the best possible advice and give him or her hints as to where he can go for help.

8) If you cannot give proper advice then stick to telling a story, at times it helps in improving the quality and customer response.

9) Whenever you give any advice try to keep it short and simple.

Article writing is a methodical task and proper methods will lead you to success proper ways needs to be followed so that you get the best out of every possible article attract the customer and get good links and visitors for your site.


Saturday, July 5, 2008


Tips for avoiding spam

by Wayne Dunne

Spam is an ongoing problem for all internet users. But by changing your behavior online you can reduce your exposure to spammers and thus help reduce the amount of spam messages that you receive.

The tips in this post can help prevent more spam from reaching you.

Tip #1 - Do not click on the Unsubscribe link on HTML based spam

Clicking on the link will only confirm to the spammer that your email address is active. Trying to unsubscribe in this circumstance will only lead to even greater amounts of spam.

Tip #2 - Do not publish your email address on your website

As a rule of thumb, do not do this. Spammers regularly harvest websites for email addresses knowing that these accounts will be active. If you wish to provide a way for visitors to your website to contact you then do it using a contact form.

Tip #3 - Do not open attachments from people that you do not know

Opening attachments from senders that you do not recognise is giving the sender an opportunity to take control of your system, do not do this. Even if when you do know the sender do not open it unless you are expecting an attachment from them. A virus could have infected their system and be trying to replicate. If you are unsure always delete first and then contact the sender. If the attachment was valid they can always resend it.

Tip #4 - Do not load images in HTML emails

Spammers can use images within HTML to confirm that your email address is active. These images load from a remote server which alerts the spammer to the fact that you have viewed them.

Tip #5 - Report spam offenders

When you receive spam report the sender using a services like spamcop, by doing this you can aid others in preventing spam.

Tip #6 - Do not use your main email address for email lists

If you need to sign up for email lists then sign up to these lists using an account from a free provider such as yahoo or gmail.

Tip #7 - Do not allow companies to share your information with third parties

When you sign up for a product or services online be sure to uncheck any boxes during sign up that gives permission for the company to share your information with third parties.

Tip #8 - Do not list your email address in online directories

When on websites with options such as to list your contact details in an online directory you should always decline.

Tip #9 - Do not click on any links in spam emails

When you receive a spam message containing a link to a website do not click on the link. By clicking the link you are telling that spammer that your account is active and the consequence will be more spam being sent to you.

Tip #10 - Avoid using a common firstname as an email address

Many spammers try to brute force valid account names on a mail server. They will simply try to send mail to hundreds of different combinations of address at your domain in an effort to figure out valid addresses. Examples of this would be to try sending emails to , , , to see if any of them are successful. If an email to is successful then the spammer will know that he has hit a valid account and will use it in the future to send spam messages to this account.

Tip #11 - Use temporary or throwaway accounts

Sign up for free email accounts that will allow you to redirect mail. Set up an account with the free provider and redirect it to your own account. Any emails sent to this account will now come in to your main account. Once the spam levels on your temporary account get too high then simply turn off the redirection of mail and if at all possible close the account and go get yourself a fresh account following the same guidelines. Each time the temporary account becomes a target of too much spam for your liking, drop it and start with a fresh account.Use the temporary account for untrusted communications such as sign up forms on websites or any place else you deem appropriate.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


For Success With Affiliate Marketing Choose the Correct Affiliate Site Topic

by Jude Wright

Many people slap up a website, add a bunch of banners and think that they are going to make a ton of money. Sorry...not true. It takes a lot more than some pretty banners and minimal content to make a website profitable. To make money with affiliate marketing, you first need to make sure that you are choosing the correct affiliate programs and topics. If most people really paid attention, they would realize that they chose a program simply because it pays more than others. This high pay will not mean much if they cannot sell the program to make money.

For example, if you have a website a blog setup it is always good practice to put up affiliate links that have something to do with what your site is about. It is not very likely that you will get buyers from your links if you put up banners about high heels on a video game website. You need to choose the right topics because you want to target certain people.

Even offline, big companies make their money by trying to target the sex and age group of the people they think will be more likely to buy the product. For those high heel banner ads, you will get someone to buy from your affiliate if your website is about women's shoes or overall fashion.

It can be tempting to throw up off topic links if you have a site that gets many visitors but by choosing the correct topic, you are showing these affiliate links to a certain target group. These visitors are on your site because of the topic, the title and what your website is about. They want to look at and read what you have to offer. They won't pay much attention to advertising that has nothing to do with them.

Targeted advertising does not do much in more recent times because people have become almost blind to them. They have learned to look past the flashing banners to quickly find the information that they are seeking. If there is nothing of interest, they will hit the back button and continue on their search.

Another reason to choose the correct topic is so that you are advertising something that you understand. Due to the fact that you should be choosing ads that complement your website; you should know what the product is about. If you have created a site solely to get people to buy, you want to know what you are talking about. Choosing a product that you have never used or even heard of can be difficult when you can't give your visitors information about it because you don't know or understand the topic.

So, if you want to make a "real" business from an affiliate website, choose a topic that you know something about. Everyone has some passion or hobby that he or she just loves to talk about. Build your website around YOUR own interests. You'll be better able to recommend appropriate affiliate programs to match that interest...and you'll be less likely to be bored working on your website.

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